T&T Campaign Setting

Roleplaying Game Supplement

Matthew Valente


A World Wracked by Warfare and Corruption.

The Scars of the Endwar still stretch from the corners of the world but the people of Drathmas resiliently try to put the pieces back together. However, 20 Years after the last shots rang out, and the shelling and bombs long fade to the memory of distant thunder, a new threat arises. Immoral strongmen rise to power in the crumbling nations that once stood as a bastion of freedom and the people celebrate their tyranny, great beasts thought long exterminated begin to creep in on civilized life, slavers and mercenaries turn a cheap coin in the lawlessness of newly independent city-states. the time for heroes it is said, has long passed. If Drathmas was ever in need of heroes it is in this day, and this age. The Age of Remembrance.

Trenches and troglodytes