If squint your eyes and tilt your head just a little bit, this trench still looks nothing like home — Unknown Private

In the wake of a long and terrible war, a world struggles to find its destiny. Will it descend once more into brutal conflict and end in spectacular annihilation, or will the world at last emerge into an era of peace and prosperity.

At this moment, a handful of heroes might hold the fate of this world in their hands.


1. Tone and Attitude

2. The World Is Advanced

As opposed to many D&D campaigns the medieval ages are long behind Drathmas’ current situation. The technology in modern day Drathmas is comparable to that of mid-1930s Earth. Motorcars, trains, airplanes, guns, bombs, and even chemical gas has its place in Drathmas.

3. Magic Is Science

4. Familiar Races Aren’t What You Expect

5. The Endwar is Over— kinda.

6. Midlands, Outlands, and Farlands

7. Monsters

8. The Gods

9. The World is Old

10. The World is Easily Influenced


Trenches and troglodytes Pantostado1066